Sparkke Brewery

Client: Sparkke Brewery
Architect: Troppo Architects
Location: Whitmore Square, South Australia
Completion: 2019
Project Value: $1.8m

For more information, please contact:

Matthew Fechner

Matthew Fechner

Senior Consultant - Hydraulic Services

Project Overview

A revamp of the old hotel Whitmore Hotel – now called Sparkke Brewery at the Whitmore.

The renovations includes an in-house 800 litre microbrewery, rooftop bar and lift for wheelchair access, restaurant celebrating local produce, upstairs function areas and a beer garden.

The premises align with their brand values of social equity and inclusion, and promote things such as the safety of women, Sparkke Change Beverage Co markets its products as “booze with a social conscience”.

Secon provided a full Hydraulic engineering design of the brewery waste water systems in close consultation with head brewer Agi Gajic and the OTR to overcome the many hurdles of an industrial installation in the CBD.

Secon also provided high level advice and reviews of other building services trades and in an effort to keep the costs down for the client, this done at a reduced cost hourly rate.

The success of this project can be attributed is a direct result of the oversite and passion of architectural firm Troppo, and a strong desire within the Secon team to get a city brewery up and running quickly.