Cabra Dominican College Art Technology Building

Architect: Russell and Yelland
Location: Cumberland Park, South Australia
Completion: 2022
Project Value: $10 million

For more information, please contact:

Anthony Davidson

Anthony Davidson


Project Overview

Take a look at the recently completed development for Cabra Dominican College, a private independent high school located in Cumberland Park. The recently completed art and technology facility has several key features that enhance the educational experience for the students, key highlights include:

New Art Facility: the addition of a new art facility provides students with a dedicated space for artistic expression, fostering creativity and artistic skills.  The space includes studios, classrooms and resources for various forms of visual arts.

New Technology Area:  Reflects the importance of modern technology in education.  This space includes computer labs, equipment for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, and other technological resources to support learning.

Centralized Shared Facility:  The design of the building as a centralized shared facility encourages collaboration and interaction among students from different departments.  This can promote interdisciplinary learning and creative exchange.

Increased Teaching Spaces:  The expansion of teaching spaces within the building means that there are more areas for students to engage in learning.  This can accommodate a wider range of subjects and teaching methodologies.

Exhibition Spaces:  The building has been designed to provide areas for students to exhibit their work.  This is crucial for showcasing their artistic and technological projects, fostering pride in their accomplishments, and creating a sense of community.

External Courtyard Usage:  The buildings design enhances the utilization of external courtyard areas.  This can be an excellent feature for outdoor activities, relaxation and perhaps even outdoor classrooms.

Secon Consulting Engineers:  Secon has played a pivotal role in the project by providing various services including mechanical, electrical, communications, security, fire protection, hydraulic and acoustic services.  These services are essential for ensuring the functionality, safety and sustainability of the building.

The new art and technology facility at Cabra Dominican College is a significant enhancement to the educational environment, offering students diverse opportunities for learning, creative expression and interdisciplinary collaboration.  It’s a positive development that will benefit both students and the school community as a whole.

📸 Sam Noonan Photography