Lonsdale Hotel

Client: Lonsdale Hotel
Architect: Walter Brooke Architects
Location: Lonsdale, South Australia
Completion: 2023
Project Value: $3.12m

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Anthony Davidson

Anthony Davidson


Project Overview

Take a look at the recently completed redevelopment for the Lonsdale Hotel!

This was a comprehensive project with several Key features including:

  • Kitchen and Back of House redesign for increased efficiency, improved food quality, better working conditions for staff, and a more enjoyable experience for customers.
  • An outdoor/indoor extension for the Hotel.  The indoor and outdoor spaces with scenic views of topical gardens significantly enhance the appeal of the hotel, providing a unique and enjoyable experience for guests and making it an attractive venue for various events and functions.
  • Gaming and front bar refurbishment to enhance the overall guest experience and modernise these spaces.
  • Wet area refurbishments to enhance the aesthetics and guest experience at the Lonsdale Hotel

The Secon Consulting Engineers Team are pleased to have provided Services Design and Documentation including:-

❄️ Mechanical ? Electrical ? Fire Protection ? Hydraulic, which are all crucial components of the project, ensuring that the newly redesigned areas meet all safety, code compliance and functionality requirements.

? Walter Brooke