Bird In Hand Winery

Architect: Brown Falconer
Location: Woodside, SA
Completion: 2023

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Andrew Burrow

Andrew Burrow


Project Overview

We recently completed documentation for a new commercial kitchen at the Bird In Hand Winery in Woodside. Secon Consulting Engineers worked closely with Georgie Shepherd Interior Design to create the new functional and aesthetically pleasing space.

Bird In Hand is a venue offering vineyard tastings, farm-to-table dining, and cellar door sales. The interior design enhances the overall customer experience in alignment with the restaurant’s unique offerings.

Secon Consulting Engineers specialised in the various aspects of the project, including electronic, hydraulic, fire protection, and mechanical services. Our engagement signifies a comprehensive approach to the project, ensuring that the kitchen’s infrastructure and services are well-designed, efficient, and comply with safety standards.

The combination of Georgie Shepherd Interior Design’s creative input and Secon Consulting Engineers’ technical expertise highlights a holistic approach to the project. This integrated collaboration resulted in a well-designed and functional commercial kitchen that complements the overall ambiance and operational needs of the Bird In Hand restaurant, aligning with its emphasis on vineyard experiences and cellar door sales.

📸 Duy Dash Images and Georgie Shepherd Interior Design