Nazareth Catholic College – New Campus

Client: Nazareth Catholic College
Architect: Russell and Yelland
Location: Kidman Park, South Australia
Completion: 2023
Project Value: $55m

For more information, please contact:

Anthony Davidson

Anthony Davidson


Project Overview

The Third High School Campus for Nazareth College, Kidman Park Stage 1 has been completed.  This expansion accommodates Year 10, 11 and 12 students and is a significant step to support the growing Senior School.

The list of facilities at the third High School Campus is quite impressive and offers a comprehensive environment for students to learn and grow.  Here is a breakdown of the new facilities provided for the school:

  • General Learning Areas
  • Breakout spaces for collaboration, these areas provide students with spaces to work together on projects, discussions or group activities, fostering collaboration and team work
  • A dedicated Performing Arts Theatre for drama and performing arts
  • Music Suites, for music education and practice
  • Food and Technology Kitchen, spaces that combine culinary arts and technology for students to learn cooking and culinary skills
  • A dedicated Technical Studies area for engineering and technical education
  • Arts Labs for students to explore and create various forms of art
  • Sciences Labs specialized spaces for conducting experiments and hands on science education
  • A specialized Light Lab room for studying and experimenting with lighting and optics.
  • A Fitness Area with weights and exercise equipment
  • Café so the students have a place where they can have meals and socialise
  • Oval for sports and activities, and a student courtyard for relaxation and socialisation
  • Double Court Gym is equipped with audio visual technology for sports events and presentations.
  • Student Services and Administration Offices for staff to support students and handle administrative tasks

These facilities help Nazareth to provide a well-rounded educational experience, encompassing academic, artistic, athletic and vocational aspects to cater for the diverse needs and interests of the student body.  Secon Consulting Engineers are proud to have contributed our services including Mechanical, Electrical, Security, Communications, Hydraulic and Fire Protection Services.