Maitland Lutheran Senior School

Architect: Hodgkison Architects
Location: Maitland, South Australia
Completion: 2023
Project Value: $3m

Project Overview

It was a pleasure working alongside the project team to deliver the exceptional New Senior School. The new Senior School provides Maitland Lutheran School students and staff with the necessary resources for a successful learning and working environment. Designed by the team at Hodgkison Architects, key features of the Development include:

  • Science Prep and Lab spaces to encourage hands-on scientific experiments and learning
  • GLA’s are the core learning spaces for students
  • Technical Space including specialised areas for teaching metalworking and related skills
  • Amenities that enhance the overall comfort and functionality of the school
  • Staff Office spaces for the school to carry out administrative and educational duties
  • Indoor and outdoor communal spaces – these areas provide students with spaces to socialise, study and interact with their peers

Secon Consulting Engineers are pleased to have provided Mechanical, Electrical, Security, Communications, Hydraulic and Fire Protection Services, ensuring the functionality, safety and efficiency of the school’s facilities.

Well done to the entire Project Team for their contributions to this exceptional new Senior School for Maitland Lutheran!

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